Rempe-Sharpe has developed an eminently qualified staff, with many client relationships spanning 40 or more years.



We have been nationally recognized with numerous awards including a National Award for Engineering Excellence.



Our staff is committed to detailed quality assurance with a dedicated focus on constant project communication.

RSA staff is certified and licensed in the follow categories:

• State of Illinois, Registered Professional Engineer
• State of Illinois, Licensed Structural Engineer
• State of Wisconsin, Registered Professional Engineer
• State of Iowa, Registered Professional Engineer
• State of Illinois, Engineering Intern

• Certified Floodplain Managers
• Qualified Engineer Review Specialist, Kane County, IL
• 40-hr OSHA – Trained

Rempe-Sharpe & Associates, Inc., offers a full range of professional engineering services to governmental agencies and private enterprises in the fields of civil, sanitary, storm drainage, structural, transportation, traffic, and water management engineering.

The following are among the most noted services offered by the firm:

Project Management
Structural Engineering
Hydraulics and Hydrology
Transportation Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Landscape Architecture
General Concept Planning
Preliminary Surveys, Studies, Estimates and Reports
Preliminary Design and Drawings
Final Design and Preparation of Detailed Plans and Specifications
Assist Owner in Obtaining and Evaluating Bid Proposals
Construction Surveying
Resident and Periodical Construction Representation,
Post-Construction Services

We Value Your Requests

We are incredibly responsive to your online requests and value all of your questions. Please contact us online or give us a call at (630) 232-0827 in order to speak to friendly representative ready to assist you.